Grande Ronde Hospital | Life & Health | Winter 2018-2019

systems, where Jeremy excelled in several management and leadership positions over the next few years. While living the California fast-track career life, Jeremy and Kelli had also started a family. By the time they were offered a hospital CEO opportunity in family-friendly, small-town Evanston, Wyoming, they had two girls and two boys. They were happy in Evanston, and Evanston embraced them. So when a career opportunity in Eastern Oregon came to their attention, the possibility of leaving was a hard choice to make. Kelli says being closer to family had always been their ultimate dream, but it had also become important to have access to some of the activities and opportunities that had so enriched the lives of their children in Evanston. “I’m pretty sure that Jeremy and I could be happy anywhere as long as we’re together—we are both pretty positive people. But for us, it’s really about the kids right now,” she says. Grande Ronde Hospital (GRH) has always been attractive as a career op- portunity to Jeremy, for both personal and professional reasons. “I think as people get older, there is a desire to return to their roots. I’m no different when it comes to my ties to Eastern Oregon. I believe that my upbringing played a significant part in who I am as a husband and father, as well as a professional,” Jeremy says. He admits being impressed by the longevity and tenure of predecessor Jim Mattes, whose efforts to keep GRH independent positioned the Hospital to be recognized—both regionally and nationally—as one of the top critical access hospitals in the country. “Local governance is one of the reasons why I believe GRH has thrived during a period of time when rural communities, and by extension rural hospitals, have struggled. This is why local control and input is critical to success. I strongly believe in empowerment and autonomy, which go hand in hand with accountability. The stability that GRH has enjoyed for so many years, along with the chance to return to my roots doing something that I truly love and have an immense passion for, made me excited to join the GRH family in La Grande,” he says. Jeremy and Kelli have four children: Kaylie, 11, in sixth grade; Lyla, 8, in third grade; Greyson, 5, in kindergarten; and Declan, who is 3 and hangs out with Mom. Kelli has chosen to make her family her first priority. She is looking to set down roots and settle in for life. Always a busy person, Kelli was also active in the Evanston community and in her children’s schools. She intends to be active here, as well, in the adventures that her children embrace and perhaps in volunteer work that will allow her to use her skills in health sciences. The older children have varied inter- ests in music and sports—particularly the girls, who play instruments, sing and enjoy being in theater. For the Davises, the quality of the La Grande school system, team sports opportunities for their children and a thriving arts community were all important factors in choosing to seek the opportunity in La Grande. “I admit I didn’t know a lot about La Grande before we visited in September. Every time I would ask about something, someone would say—oh, we have that. I was so happy to find out there was so much here for the arts, for kids to be involved in. And when I found out about Fiddle Club, during the school tour, it seriously almost made me cry,” Kelli says with a laugh. For several hours during Jeremy’s interview with the Hospital last September, Kelli had the afternoon to herself. She went downtown to have lunch and explore and was impressed with how clean and nice it was and how friendly everyone was, but the final jewel was the Cooke Memorial Library. “I wandered into the library and actually found the book we are reading at my book club,” she says. “So I just sat there in that beautiful library and read for a while. I can’t explain it—I just felt good downtown. I felt like everything was going to be just fine—La Grande has everything we’ve ever wanted. We feel like we are coming home.” —Continued from front page Jeremy P. Davis, MHA , assumed his role as President/CEO of Grande Ronde Hospital, Inc. on Nov. 26, 2018. “Local governance is one of the reasons why I believe GRH has thrived during a period of time when rural communities, and by extension rural hospitals, have struggled.” Welcoming the Davis family to our community 2 LIFE AND HEALTH WINTER 2018–19