Grande Ronde Hospital | Life & Health | Winter 2018-2019

A JOURNAL DEVOTED TO HEALTHFUL LIVING WINTER 2018–19 —Continued on page 2 Welcoming the Davis family to our community GRH’S NEW CEO COMES HOME Born and raised in Baker City, Oregon, Jeremy Davis origi- nally wanted to be a physician. In high school and college, he shadowed physicians, nurses and other hospital personnel in a variety of settings from the OR to the ER, “and everything in between.” By his junior year of college, however, Jeremy realized that he enjoyed his business classes more than his science classes. “I had to take a step back and really ponder my career choice. I loved health care. I enjoyed being a part of it during high school and college. I have always felt that this industry is one that really makes a difference in people’s lives,” Jeremy says. He reached out to a hospital administrator, the father of his childhood best friend, to learn more. Jeremy realized that a career path in health care administration would allow him to pursue all of his passions. While in college, Jeremy spent one summer doing an internship in health care administra- tion at the Baker City hospital. He gained valuable insight into the operations and management of a rural hospital. The experience strengthened his desire to pursue health care administration as a career. While at Brigham Young University–Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, Jeremy married Kelli Williams. Kelli, born and raised in Meridian, Idaho, still has family in the rural Treasure Valley area of southeast Oregon and western Idaho, while Jeremy’s family still lives in Baker City and northeast Oregon. They both graduated from BYU–Idaho with Bachelor of Health Science degrees. Jeremy then earned a Master of Health Administration degree from Ohio State University. Career opportunities came from large California health “I think as people get older, there is a desire to return to their roots. I’m no different when it comes to my ties to Eastern Oregon.” —Jeremy Davis Please help us welcome Jeremy and Kelli Davis and their children— from left, Greyson, Kaylie, Lyla and Declan—as they set down roots and become a part of our community for years to come.